Get Hands-On Volume Eyelash Extension Instruction From Certified Trainers

The Eyelash Extension field has grown internationally in recent years. As a result, beginners and experienced craftsmen can benefit from new techniques and trends learned in our professional training classes. We aim to inspire all students who have a passion for beauty, enabling them to succeed with exceptional skills and professionalism. In that regard, your instructor is an established innovator and entrepreneur in the beauty industry who will share her long-term experience, dedication, and passion with you.

Volume Eyelash Extensions add density, length, and curl to natural lashes by attaching multiple lashes to one single natural eyelash at a time. If 2 eyelash extensions are applied to one natural lash it’s described as 2D, if 3 eyelash extensions are applied to one natural lash then it’s described as 3D etc. Volume Lashes look fuller and are ideal for clients with sparse lashes or who desire a more dramatic appearance. They also create the illusion of wearing mascara without the messy clumping and smudging.

While Volume Eyelash Extensions can last 6-7 weeks, maintenance appointments are necessary every 2-4 weeks in order to replace the lashes that have shed or grown out.

What will you learn in our Volume Lash Extension classes?

 Introduction to Volume Eyelash Extension application

  • Health and safety
  • Eyelash extension types
  • Products and equipment
  • Hygiene
  • Techniques:


  1. Bonding concept
  2. Removing extensions
  3. Lifting techniques
  4. Refining technique
  5. Fan perfection theory
  6. Techniques for creating a perfect fan



  • Step by step procedure
  • Using eye shape and lash mapping to style
  • Complications with natural lashes
  • Working on live models
  • Information for after training
  • Advice when working
  • Practice levels:


  1. Creating 2D – 3D fans
  2. Creating 4D – 6D fans
  3. Bonding
  4. Creating lash effect
  5. Recognizing lash style for live models
  6. Working on live models


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 Do you have any questions about our Volume Lash Extension training? Or perhaps you’d like to know more about our Micropigmentation Academy? Please contact us today and our team will be happy to help you.

Why is our Volume Lash Extension training so effective?

 As one of the leading Micropigmentation schools in the United States, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality training at the best possible price. Maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio is a key part of that commitment, as is giving all of our students access to the best tools, products, and post-training support from their tutors.

What else will you get from our Volume Lash Extension training?

Our Volume Lash Extension training courses include 2 days of face-to-face class time where you’ll work directly with our certified trainers.

One of the most important aspects of our Volume Lash Extension classes is the opportunity to practice on live models. These sessions take place under strict trainer supervision and have a low student-to-trainer ratio to ensure personalized instruction.

You will receive ongoing support and access to online resources before, during, and after your Volume Lash Extension training. Once the course has finished, your trainer will continue to provide support as you take your first steps in the beauty industry.

How much does Volume Lash Extension training cost?

 Volume Lash Extension training with Micropigmentation Academy costs $1,000.00 for a 2 day course.

How much can you earn with the Volume Lash Extension technique?

 Volume Lash Extensions are an in-demand treatment that can provide an excellent living for those who complete our training course. Rates for Volume Lash Extension sessions average $100-$375 for a procedure that lasts 45 min.-3 hrs. That means you can make an excellent living while working a flexible schedule.

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