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The Semi-permanent Makeup revolution is here!

Learn all the skills needed to begin a career in one of the highest paid jobs in the industry! We teach you techniques from shading and ombre brows to microblading, and more.

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Microblading is a technique that adds semi-permanent pigment under the skin with hair-like strokes. Learn the basics to properly perform this service and gain advanced skills needed to achieve natural, hair-like eyebrows.            

Fusion Brow

Fusion Brows was created by our own Master Phivi Tran. Learn straight from the creator of this technique on how you can mix Microblading and Ombre to get the desired results needed to meet your client’s demands. 

& Ombre

The Microshading and Pixie Ombre technique when combined for semi-permanent brows, can be used on versatile clientele and skin textures. Learn to draw a fast eyebrow that’s shaped to fit the face & lift it!

Lash Extensions Training

Synthetic eyelash extensions are attached to each individual hair with unique precision. Learn how to apply the length extension to create a classic & natural look or a fuller, more dramatic eyelash for your clients.

Looking for a Career Change?

If you’ve been looking for a new career and want a profession that is high in demand, pays well, and lets you meet new people all while working your own hours – then Micropigmentation Academy is right where you need to be!

  • Learn each technique with step-by-step, hands-on, detailed instructions.
  • Achieve valuable skills in eyebrow microblading and semi-permanent makeup.
  • Get hands-on training in every step of the procedure, in detail with our expert trainers.
  • Master your craft by working on live models
  • Receive a professional microblading premium kit along with the course instruction.
  • Gain complete training in the the business with unlimited support.
  • Receive certification as a microblading artist.
  • Have our support  to make contacts and acquire potential customers.
  • Gain lifetime support and guidance from your instructor.
  • Access to the application needed to shape and then store client info.
  • Acquire a complete manual on the industry with all the information you’ll need.
  • Get marketing advice on how to grow your business.

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eyebrow tattoo


Eyebrow tattooing done by a professional means no more having to draw or fill in sparse hairs or worry about smudging your brows throughout the day. If you have no hair on your brows this is also a terrific solution to achieve a natural look that stays in place.

Eyelash Extension


Long lashes open the eyes, add drama and further enhance beauty. With our lash extension services, you’ll also get more definition to your lashes too. We choose the best length, color, and application method for the desired end result. With proper care, fills only needed every 2-3 weeks.

Scalp Micropigmentation


Hair loss and thinning is something both men and women deal with in their lifetime. Now there’s an innovative, non-invasive technique that involves tattooing hair-like follicles on the scalp to deal with this issue. The result is shaved-looking and completely natural. 

Areola Repigmentations


This advanced treatment offering is used to add color pigmentation back to the chest and simulate the look of a natural nipple. Our Areola Repigmentation treatment can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars from a mastectomy or breast reduction.


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