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Lip Contour Services

Starting at $500.00

A lip contour treatment is the perfect solution to help you get the perfect pout. Thin or uneven lips as well as aged lips can use a revival. This service can be used to outline the lip shape, add more depth and color as well as fullness by blending color from the lip line into part of the lips.

Lose the need to wear lipstick or worry about color wearing off on your teeth or when you eat and drink.

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Important Information


Before any procedure, it’s important to have a consultation so that we can discuss what’s involved and the look you would like.


We will perform a full skin tone analysis to determine what pigments to use to achieve your desired lip color.

We use only the best quality pigments and up-to-date machinery.


we will use a guide color pencil to draw on the desired shape, measuring symmetry and using calipers to perfect your measurements.

We will then ask you to confirm that everything is correct before we begin.

A topical anesthetic is applied to the area, to minimize any discomfort.

The procedure

The procedure takes between 60 to 90 minutes, as we carefully re contour your lips to create a beautiful, fuller lip.

Depending on the desired effect once the lip line has been re contoured.

We will then check your lips for any final adjustments and apply aftercare.

Top up

You will need to have a top up appointment to check the shape and color of your healed lips and take care of any adjustments.

This takes place only when the skin has healed: usually 4-6 weeks from the initial procedure.


Permanent makeup does fade over time and exposure to sun and skin tone are contributing factors.

Treatment Services Terms:

Micropigmentation is a time-intensive service. When booking your appointment, I’m reserving a designated amount of time specifically for your treatment. To hold this dedicated time for your appointment a deposit is required.

**** Please Note: A 48 hour notice is required for cancellations to keep your deposit and reschedule your appointment.

Providing this advance notice will ensure that we can fill your cancelled appointment with another client requiring treatment.

*PLEASE NOTE: Failing to cancelling within this required time will result in a loss of your deposit for that missed or cancelled appointment.

All deposits for the following services are NON-REFUNDABLE: Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Ombre shading brows, Scalp Eyeliner, Lip contour. The services require that we block out up to 2-3 hours of our time to perform the treatment therefore we cannot refund deposits for any reason.

Clients who are a “No Show” will also not be refunded and the next appointment scheduled will need to be paid in full in advance.

***If you need to cancel for any reason please contact me by phone or by text: 860-869-6248****

Course Terms:

For all students interested in taking any of our training courses, the following training course cancellation terms also apply:

If student would like to cancel a course for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable but will be credited into students account for future use.

Thank you for your understanding.

Lip Line and Blend

Redefine and enhance your lips with a permanent lip liner and blend procedure.

Lip line involves outlining the lip shape and then blending color from the Lip Line onto part of the lips, making the outline less obvious.

It can correct the contour of the lips and the outlines which will add definition and make your lips look fuller and add shape.

lip line and blend will add shading to soften the lip line effect and blends into the clients own natural lip color creating the look of volume to the lips.

Improvements can be made for naturally receding, pale or thin lips, uneven or unsymmetrical lips. The size and shape can be altered as desired to give a perfect contour.

Are you dissatisfied with thin or uneven lips, as we age our lips lose their fullness and color, and the natural pigment diminishes.

Permanent lip makeup can help transform your lips by  correcting asymmetries, adding definition, fullness and balance uneven lips.

Whether you want to have a a neutral shade for a natural look, blend of color or simply define your lip line with your natural lip color, permanent make up for the lips can give you the perfect pout.

Lip Liner

This technique imitates the result you attain when you use a lip liner pencil, adding shape and definition

Color is implanted in a fine or thick line on the outer edge of the lips, giving a defined shape to the mouth.

This technique is perfect for people who have no definite lip shape or feel that their lips are too thin, uneven lips, or to spend less time putting makeup on.

Full Lip

This technique is for adding color to pale or uneven lip color, creates symmetry to uneven lips and for those wishing to revive their natural lip color.

First a lip outline is created and then by adding natural color pigment implants where needed, achieving instant fullness and definition.

There will be no need to wear lipstick or worry about it wearing off when you eat, drink.

Your lips will always retain that color and defined shape.

Lips look great 24/7.

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