Eyeliner Contour Services In Wethersfield Connecticut

We employ different techniques for the semi-permanent drawing of eyelids, which involves manually inserting pigment into the second layer of skin, known as the dermis. As a result, you will save time in the morning and evening by not having to apply eyeliner.

We can create simple or striking lines. Either way, you will have gorgeous eyes without worrying about your makeup smudging, smearing or running.

We use topical anesthetics, and all treatments are done with sterile, hygienic and disposable tools.


1) Consultation

We discuss the best course of treatment based on your skin type, medical history, and lifestyle.

Then we schedule subsequent visits.

2) The Procedure

We begin the procedure after the anesthetic has settled in.

Then we apply our aftercare products and schedule a touch-up appointment for 4 – 6 weeks after the procedure.

3) Touch Up

At the Touch Up appointment we check the shape and color of the healed area and take care of any adjustments.

4) Maintenance

On average, you will need a refresher in 10-12 months (6 months if your skin is oily).


How long will the effects last?

 Depending on the oiliness of your skin, as well as sweating and sun exposure, the results can last up to 1 year.

What will the area look like directly after treatment?

Inserted pigment is very dark during the first 5-7 days, but then loses up to 40% of its intensity; so if you think the color is too dark, do not try to fade it by yourself. Be patient and wait 7 days until it fades away naturally. 

Will there be any redness or swelling?

 Some minor redness and irritation are to be expected, but this will dissipate a few days after the treatment. 

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