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Microblading Services

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Microblading is the eyebrow treatment everyone is talking about. With extreme precision, we manually add individual blades of hairline brushstrokes into the first 2 layers of skin. This results in sharp clean results that can be mistaken for real hair.

In addition to saving time in your morning routine and making sure you always look your best, this service is also a great option for those who are recovering from chemotherapy, have alopecia or would like to cover scars.

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Important Information


 This allows us to discuss which procedure, shape and style will work best for you.


Next stage, we will look in more detail at your skin tone and hair color.

This will allow us to analyses the best pigments to use in order to achieve the best appearance.


Using calipers to check all measurements and a guide color pencil, we will template your eyebrows.

This will allow you to get a clear vision of what your brows will look like and enable any changes to shape to be made.

Then a topical anesthetic is applied to the brow area in preparation for the procedure.

The procedure

Once the anesthetic has settled in, we will begin the procedure.

This will take approximately 60-90 minutes depending on your desired look.

Our after care products are then applied.

Touch up

I will invite you back for a follow up appointment.

This normally takes place after 4-6 weeks when the skin is healed from initial procedure.


Over time and with sun exposure the color of your eyebrows will fade.

I recommend follow-up appointments.

Treatment Services Terms:

Micropigmentation is a time-intensive service. When booking your appointment, I’m reserving a designated amount of time specifically for your treatment. To hold this dedicated time for your appointment a deposit is required.

**** Please Note: A 48 hour notice is required for cancellations to keep your deposit and reschedule your appointment.

Providing this advance notice will ensure that we can fill your cancelled appointment with another client requiring treatment.

*PLEASE NOTE: Failing to cancelling within this required time will result in a loss of your deposit for that missed or cancelled appointment.

All deposits for the following services are NON-REFUNDABLE: Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Ombre shading brows, Scalp Eyeliner, Lip contour. The services require that we block out up to 2-3 hours of our time to perform the treatment therefore we cannot refund deposits for any reason.

Clients who are a “No Show” will also not be refunded and the next appointment scheduled will need to be paid in full in advance.

***If you need to cancel for any reason please contact me by phone or by text: 860-869-6248****

Course Terms:

For all students interested in taking any of our training courses, the following training course cancellation terms also apply:

If student would like to cancel a course for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable but will be credited into students account for future use.

Thank you for your understanding.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading, also known as semi-permanent makeup is a manual method of blading individual hairline brush strokes which target the first three layers of skin.

Because the ink pigment isn’t very deep under the skin the results are sharp, clean and can be mistaken for real hair!

Both microblading and permanent makeup are commonly used for enhancing the appearance of eyebrows in the same way temporary makeup would be used.

These methods are perfect for saving time, making sure you look your best but are also used if recovering from chemotherapy, alopecia, covering scars.

The appearance of microblading is not only life like and realistic but versatile lasting 1-3 years.

This does mean that the look will require reapplication after time.

If you prefer a bolder look, you can choose between a medium thickness or thick liner which is applied by a steady line along your lash line.

Lash enhancement can be applied to either or both your upper and lower lashes.

The color is custom blended for the look you want taking skin tone into account.

How long will my brows last for?

The simple answer is everyone is different.

Everyone’s skin is different; it ex-foliates and rejuvenates at different rates.

As the pigment is attached to the skin, this causes it to fade over time.

Lighter tones last anywhere between 9 months and 3 years, with darker colors lasting a little longer.

Do you have to remove the brow hair that is already there?

Microblading is styled and delivered based on your current brows, working with your natural shape and colors.

Leaving your natural eyebrow hair in tact is essential to your final results looking as natural as possible.

Some hairs might be removed for the purpose of shaping but the majority will remain.

Will my brows fade once they are healed?

When you initially have the procedure the color will be between 15-20% lighter after healing.

What color will you use for my brows?

All colors are mixed specifically to suit your skin tone and hair color to get your perfect brow look.

All decisions are fully discussed and advised throughout consultation before treatment begins

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