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Microblading is the eyebrow treatment everyone is talking about. With extreme precision, we manually add individual blades of hairline brushstrokes into the first 2 layers of skin. This results in sharp clean results that can be mistaken for real hair.

In addition to saving time in your morning routine and making sure you always look your best, this service is also a great option for those who are recovering from chemotherapy, have alopecia or would like to cover scars.

*48 hours’ notice for a cancellation is required in order to keep your deposit for rescheduling your appointment. Please see deposit terms below.

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The deposit for the following treatment services are NON-REFUNDABLE: Permanent Makeup, Microblading, FusionBrows, Ombre shading brows, Scalp Eyeliner, Lip Contour, and Lash Extension.

This is non-refundable because we block out up to 2-3 hours for the services.

*48HOURS NOTICE FOR A CANCELLATION IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO KEEP YOUR DEPOSIT FOR RESCHEDULING YOUR APPOINTMENT. If you give ample time this will ensure that we will be able to fill your canceled appointment with someone who may really want or need it.

Not canceling within the required time or in the case of a NO SHOW, you will still be charged the full price of your scheduled service. At the time of your missed appointment a “no show” setting will be put in our system and it will generate an email requesting payment for the full-price of your scheduled service.

*For any last-minute (less than 48 hours rescheduling of your appointment) we can reschedule you for a different date, however, if nobody is found to fill your original appointment, you will be charged half the fee of the treatment you are getting done as a penalty and your new appointment will be charged at full price.

*Your and your Artist’s time is valuable, If you are running more than 30 mins late to your appointment, it is considered missed or a no show for the appointment ( this includes touch ups)
*If you miss your touch up appointment, you will be charged $150 additional to reschedule another appointment treatment.

*If you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason please contact us by phone:  1-855- 767- 6427 EXT: #3

 Thank you for understanding.


 This allows us to discuss which procedure, shape and style will work best for you.


Next stage, we will look in more detail at your skin tone and hair color.

This will allow us to analyses the best pigments to use in order to achieve the best appearance.


Using calipers to check all measurements and a guide color pencil, we will template your eyebrows.

This will allow you to get a clear vision of what your brows will look like and enable any changes to shape to be made.

Then a topical anesthetic is applied to the brow area in preparation for the procedure.

The procedure

Once the anesthetic has settled in, we will begin the procedure.

This will take approximately 60-90 minutes depending on your desired look.

Our after care products are then applied.

Touch up

I will invite you back for a follow up appointment.

This normally takes place after 4-6 weeks when the skin is healed from initial procedure.


Over time and with sun exposure the color of your eyebrows will fade.

I recommend follow-up appointments.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading, also known as semi-permanent makeup is a manual method of blading individual hairline brush strokes which target the first three layers of skin.

Because the ink pigment isn’t very deep under the skin the results are sharp, clean and can be mistaken for real hair!

Both microblading and permanent makeup are commonly used for enhancing the appearance of eyebrows in the same way temporary makeup would be used.

These methods are perfect for saving time, making sure you look your best but are also used if recovering from chemotherapy, alopecia, covering scars.

The appearance of microblading is not only life like and realistic but versatile lasting 1-3 years.

This does mean that the look will require reapplication after time.

If you prefer a bolder look, you can choose between a medium thickness or thick liner which is applied by a steady line along your lash line.

Lash enhancement can be applied to either or both your upper and lower lashes.

The color is custom blended for the look you want taking skin tone into account.

How long will my brows last for?

The simple answer is everyone is different.

Everyone’s skin is different; it ex-foliates and rejuvenates at different rates.

As the pigment is attached to the skin, this causes it to fade over time.

Lighter tones last anywhere between 9 months and 3 years, with darker colors lasting a little longer.

Do you have to remove the brow hair that is already there?

Microblading is styled and delivered based on your current brows, working with your natural shape and colors.

Leaving your natural eyebrow hair in tact is essential to your final results looking as natural as possible.

Some hairs might be removed for the purpose of shaping but the majority will remain.

Will my brows fade once they are healed?

When you initially have the procedure the color will be between 15-20% lighter after healing.

What color will you use for my brows?

All colors are mixed specifically to suit your skin tone and hair color to get your perfect brow look.

All decisions are fully discussed and advised throughout consultation before treatment begins

Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

Elizabeth Redken
Elizabeth Redken
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I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 15 years, to say I’m a beauty guru is an understatement. I spent months researching different microblading artists and reading reviews and social media. Vi was hands down the person I knew I wanted to do my brows. Vi is one of the most professional artists I have met. She walks you through each step and makes sure you are comfortable each step of the way. I am so happy with my results and can not wait until my touch up tomorrow! When I tell other people in the beauty business my brows are microbladed they can not believe it because Vi made them look so real! If you are thinking about getting your brows done you have to see Vi! You won’t be disappointed!
Karol Molina
Karol Molina
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Vi, is true master! Although I have a lot of options for microbladding where I live I drove 98 miles just to see her. My mother and I saw her back to back yesterday and she was so sweet and informative prior, during and after the procedure. When you see Vi, what you can expect is the following: First, she reviews what shape you desire and then she actually draws it out for you to see. This process actually takes longer than the actual procedure itself. She takes a lot of time into making sure that you are happy with the shape before she begins. After you agree to the shape she then begins the procedure which only takes 20-30 minutes. I don’t exactly know because Vi is super personable so we practically talked the entire time and then it was done! I highly recommend Vi her work is meticulous, she’s a sweetheart and more importantly she delivers results that look natural! For these reasons my family and I will only see her.
Deirdre Murphy
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My experience was quite similar to others. I was very nervous going into it, as a semi-permanent tattoo on your face is a big decision. My best friend saw Phivi for her brows and they came out absolutely gorgeous so it was an easy decision for me after viewing her work on instagram. Phivi made me feel so comfortable, it was like talking to an old friend; she listens to what you want and makes it happen! She is so precise in her work and an absolute perfectionist. I couldn’t be happier with how my brows came out, they completely change the look of my face, for the better!! Thank you Phivi, you don’t know how much confidence you give people who come to see you!!
Andrea Esposito
Andrea Esposito
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Vi is an amazingly talented Artist. She is a beast at perfectioning brows. She genuinely wants your brows to be beautifully perfect. She cares about women feeling beautiful. When Vi does the microblading procedure she is professional, very thorough, takes her time, very gentle, and aims to please her clients. Im in love with my brows!!!
Lyndsay Boudreau
Lyndsay Boudreau
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I would highly recommend getting your brows done by Vi. I looked into several other places and Vi’s technique was by far the best. She takes her time and is determined to give you the best brows possible.
Alexi Cordi
Alexi Cordi
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I am obsessed with the fusion brows that I got done, Phivi did an amazing job creating a shape that fully complimented my face shape. It was painless and worth every cent. If you want to invest in microblading, this is the place to go. I can't rave enough about how much I love my brows.... I can't not look in the mirror anymore.
Elaina DellaCamera
Elaina DellaCamera
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Got my eye brows microbladed/shaded and eye lash extensions! Love how everything came out. I don’t have to worry about being late to work & class in the morning anymore because it literally takes me 10-15 mins to get ready now!
Nichole Mallory
Nichole Mallory
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Had a great experience at Micropigmentation Academy, Sang was so patience and knowledgeable on what shape and color would work well for my face. I felt completely comfortable the entire time and I LOVE my new brows!!
Naomi Otis
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Sang is an amazing artist! So happy with how my brows turned out. I’ve been nervous to get microblading done for so long but finally decided to do it and Sang explained the whole process in detail. She made sure I got the exact outcome I wanted and that I was completely happy with my brows. Would recommend to anyone!
Amber Polk
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I could not recommend Sang or this place enough! The entire staff was so welcoming and informative. I went in with my sister to get my eyebrows microbladed for the first time and Sang made my experience better than i could have imagined. She was incredibly professional yet easy to talk to and very accommodating to any tiny changes you wanted. She really had that attention to detail that resulted in me having my dream brows. So perfect yet so natural ❤️
Tennille Smalls
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Master Vi is absolutely amazing. Her skills are superb. I recently had Micropigmentation blading and shading done on my eyebrows. It was totally painless and the outcome is perfect! Master Vi does top notch work and has a beautiful personality that matches her flawless skills. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout the process of the procedure. The office is very warm, clean and professional. I also had the opportunity to meet Vi’s wonderful husband Master Anthony. Both Master Vi and Master Anthony are beautiful people with amazing life
Stephanie Fluegeman
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Phi Vi has given me so much confidence with my new brows! The entire experience was wonderful and I especially loved how she explained the steps she was doing and made absolutely sure my shape was perfect before working her art onto them. I can't wait to see the healed result!