Get Fusion Microblading & Powder Shading From The Master Who Invented It

The Fusion Brows treatment was created by Master Phivi Tran, and combines the techniques of Microblading and Ombre/Powder Shading in order to achieve the most realistic effect possible in Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup.

Microblading is a manual method of blading individual hair strokes into the first layer of skin. Because the pigment is close to the skin surface, the results are sharp, clean, and often mistaken for real hair. This creates a natural look and is ideal for clients with existing hair.

Ombre/Powder Shading uses two different colors, one lighter than the other, creating a soft, powdered appearance. Instead of the hair strokes typical with Microblading,

Ombre/Powder Shading employs a stippling method, which uses repetitive dots of pigment. This method is perfect for clients with oily skin or no existing eyebrow hair.

The Fusion Brows procedure is used for enhancing the appearance of eyebrows in the same way temporary makeup would be used. It will enable you to look your best, while saving time in the morning, and can also be used for people recovering from chemotherapy, alopecia, or scarring.

The color is custom blended for the look you want, taking skin tone into account.

The results are not only realistic but also versatile, lasting 1-3 years.


1. Consultation

We discuss which shape and style will work best for you.

2. Analysis

We examine your skin tone and hair color to determine the perfect pigments for the best appearance.

3. Preparation

We template your eyebrows with calipers and a guide color pencil, giving you a clear idea of what your brows will look like and the opportunity to change the shape.

Then a topical anesthetic is applied to the brow area in preparation for the procedure.

4. The Procedure

We begin the procedure after the anesthetic has settled in.

The procedure takes approximately 60-90 minutes depending on your desired look.

Then we apply our aftercare products.

5. Touch Up

We schedule a touch up appointment, which takes place 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure, when the skin is healed.

6. Maintenance

We recommend follow up appointments because the color of your eyebrows will fade with time and sun exposure.


How long will my brows last?

Everyone’s skin is different; it exfoliates and rejuvenates at different rates.

Once pigment is attached to the skin, it fades over time, with lighter colors lasting between 9 months and 3 years, while darker colors last a little longer.

Do you have to remove existing brow hair?

The procedure is based on your current brows and determined by their natural shape and color, so leaving your eyebrow hair intact is essential for a realistic final appearance.

Some hairs might be removed for shaping but the majority will remain.

Will my brows fade once they are healed?

The color will be 15-20% lighter after the initial procedure has healed.

What color will you use for my brows?

In order to create eyebrows that are perfect for you, we mix all colors specifically to suit your skin tone and hair color.

All decisions are fully discussed and advised during the consultation appointment, which occurs prior to treatment.

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