Phivi Tran, co-Founder + Master

Phivi Tran is a world-recognized and celebrated beauty professional and artist. She’s also co-owner of the successful Micropigmentation Academy & Clinic where she provides best-in-class services and leads training courses for aspiring permanent makeup artists from across the globe. 

She is young, fierce and has always pushed to move to the next level of success. 

Born in Vietnam, Phivi immigrated to the U.S. in 2010. Her career in beauty started long before she came to the States. As a child, she dreamed of being a fashion designer with models showing off her designs on the biggest runways. 

That same desire to be in a high-performance industry that was focused on beauty and aesthetics is where she began her career at a very young age as a nail technician. Phivi made her rounds working at various salons and set a goal to save up her money and eventually open her own salon – which she did! Her vision was to add additional services to her offerings and so she began training in the emerging technique of Microblading. 

“I always had a vision – not just to be in the beauty industry – but I wanted to work less and make more. I wanted to have more time for myself and for my family.”

Immediately upon starting her first Microblading training course, she knew things were going to change in her life. Phivi practiced the skills she had learned day and night and was told by so many that she had the talent to excel in this up-and-coming technique. 

“I felt proud, accomplished, and overjoyed that I had found that thing I was looking for – but I wanted to do more. I wanted to share my experiences and help others too.” 

Phivi has helped many clients feel beautiful and regain their confidence and has mentored thousands of artists – helping to shape their drive and goals to also achieve financial success in the PMU industry. 

In addition to work and family, Phivi loves shopping and keeping up with the latest trends. When she’s not practicing and perfecting her skills, you can find her by the pool enjoying all the joys that life brings.

Location: Wethersfield, CT

Contact: 1-855-767-6427 Ext.3

Anthonye Angelillo is the owner, operator and chief developer of SMP Micro. 

In addition to being a tattoo artist for 10 years, while owning and operating a successful hair salon, Anthonye has studied Homeopathic Medicine and Dermatology for 20 plus years, Cosmetology for 30 plus years, as well as Permanent Makeup Microblading, Scalp & Areola Micropigmentation, Skin Tag Removal and Microdermabrasion. 

As a life-long artist, with extensive experience in all types of mediums including Realism, Surrealism and Abstract, Anthonye is always bringing his broad spectrum of knowledge to new horizons.

Location: Wethersfield, CT

Contact: 1-855-767-6427 Ext.3


Anthonye Angelillo, co-Founder + master

master amy pham

AMy Pham, Master

Amy Pham is an extremely talented and dedicated artist known for her PMU work both locally and internationally. 

She began her Microblading profession and PMU work studying at Phibrows Academy and also attending national and international courses in Europe and Asia. 

Amy’s dedication to her work and artistry can be seen in her ability to work well with clients and potentially cater to all of their questions and needs. Her ultimate goal and a permanent makeup beauty professional is to satisfy all her clients with life-changing results. 

Her work speaks volumes of itself and the pride she exudes from the results she brings clients is a contagious kindness that leaves forever relationships and friendships with her clients! 


Location: Middletown, NJ

Contact: 1-848-468-7089

Andressa Britto had an early start in the beauty profession, taking her very first course in the subject when she was only 13 years old in her native Brazil. She went on to complete courses in hairdressing and others in the field of aesthetics. In 2014, after taking her first Microblading class in Brazil, she learned of the incredible semi-permanent makeup skill that would help transform lives.


When she immigrated to America in 2016, she took another Microblading course here in the States and other Permanent makeup courses to increase her knowledge and skill level. In 2018, confident in her artistry and ready to excel in her career, Andressa set-up her business in the state of New Jersey, where she taught eyebrow design and henna application workshops. As she continued to push forward and excel in PMU, she began her career with Micropigmentation Academy and now serves as a Master Trainer overseeing all Spanish-language and Portuguese classes.

Location: Newark, NJ

Contact: 1-845-321-1621

andressa Britto

Andressa Britto, master

Sang- MPA

Sang viens, Expert

Sang Viens has been passionate about art since childhood and furthered her craft with schooling. Making money through art became a reality when a friend introduced her to the world of Microblading. 

After studying at Micropigmentation Academy and becoming certified, Sang took an apprenticeship under Phivi Tran to learn more from the master. She eventually left her full-time job to completely devote herself to the industry. 

To broaden her skill-set, she enrolled in extra courses such as Advanced Microblading Strokes, Fusion Brows, and Eyelash Extensions. With persistence and patience, Sang continues to expand her knowledge and deepen her dedication to the profession.

Location: Wethersfield, CT

Contact: 1-855-767-6427 Ext.3

Alondra MPA

Alondra Melgoza, Expert

Alondra Melgoza is a Micropigmentation Academy expert PMU artist who joined the team after completing training courses with the Academy and continues to excel in her artistry. 

She is also the mother to 3 beautiful girls and works hard to show her girls and other females that with determination and focus, you can do anything! 

Focused on the same dedication as her mentor, Phivi Tran, Alondra is inspired to continue learning and perfecting her skillset further. Her greatest enjoyment is the opportunity to help people improve their self-esteem by enhancing their natural beauty and the happiness they express with their new permanent makeup.

Location: Wethersfield, CT

Contact: 1-855-767-6427 Ext.3

Since a young age, Linda Patron has had a passion for all things beauty – hair, makeup, skincare – you name it! She branched out with this passion and began working in salon environments as early as high school and advanced her cosmetology career to become a licensed professional.

One area Linda grew fond of was lash extensions. This service requires extreme precision and perfection, and her skills in this have helped her excel as a highly sought-after, certified lash artist in Connecticut. 

After completing a Volume Lash Training course with Micropigmentation Academy, she joined the team and is always learning and growing her beauty skills.

Linda loved being a student and decided to join the beauty industry because she knew it would never become boring since there are always new trends and something to learn.

Linda’s dedication to the industry and focus on growing her skillsets has also given her the opportunity to train alongside her Academy Masters and become a microblading artist with great technique and brow artist skills. 

Linda is also an instructor and excited for the opportunity to pass her knowledge and skills on to other aspiring artists in training.

Location: Wethersfield, CT

Contact: 1-855-767-6427 Ext.3

Linda Patron, Artist

Samantha Schilling is the latest artist to join the professional artist team at Micropigmentation Academy. Her interest in the semi-permanent makeup industry began when she was in high school. After completing a higher education degree in mortuary science, she decided to make a move to something she was passionate about.

She started by taking training courses with Micropigmentation Academy – including the FusionBrows course –  and has been perfecting and refining her skills over the last year. Samantha is continuing to further her training and skills to become an even more polished brow artist. 

Location: Wethersfield, CT

Contact: 1-855-767-6427 Ext.3

sam schilling

Samantha Schilling, artist


Teresa Rodriguez, Artist

Teresa Rodriguez is a young Latina from Venezuela who came to the United States seeking a better life for her and her daughter. She was first introduced to the world of micropigmentation when she herself was a client at Micropigmentation Academy – unknowing at the time that she would end up following a path that led to permanent makeup as her career and now joining the Micropigmentation Academy team as our newest artist.

With Phivi Tran as her mentor, she has continued to enrich her knowledge in the industry and has taken more course offerings including FusionBrows, Lash Extensions, and Lip Contouring – excelling in each of the techniques.

Teresa is focused on inspiring other women through her work. She believes that no matter who you are or where you come from, consistency and determination are what it takes to help you become the person winning and achieving all you’ve always dreamed of!

Location: Yonkers, NY

Contact: 347-825-4070

Kayla Elisabeth DiPietro is a wife and mother of two girls living in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  Her career in microblading began when she decided to take on a new skill while working in her career field of Criminal Justice. 

Kayla most recently worked as a Correctional Officer at Berkshire County House of Corrections and is aspiring to become a Court Officer in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Kayla returned to microblading becuase she found the skill intriguing. After a bad experience with the service herself years prior, she stumbled across Micropigmentation Academy and the rest was history. After doing her research, she made an appointment with Phivi for FusionBrows and proceeded to book a training course to learn the skill for herself. 

Each year, Kayla makes it a point to take at least one different class at Micropigmentation Academy to increase her education and experience. She hopes to one day excel as a Master Technician where she can continue changing lives and helping others to also learn these skills. 

Location: Pittsfield, MA

Contact: 518-935-8918

Kayla DiPetrio Artist

kayla Dipietro, Artist


Alondra Santiago, Artist

Alondra Santiago is the latest artist to join the Micropigmentation Academy team offering services to clients in Stamford, Connecticut. 


Alondra has always had a passion for beauty and makeup. After learning she had the skills needed to make it in the industry she began her career working at different makeup counters and beauty stores in addition to working at a law office. After giving birth to her son she realized she wanted a job with a more flexible schedule and higher earning potential so she could spend more time with her family. 


She began by taking courses with Micropigmentation Academy and learning with Master Instructors Phivi and Anthonye. As Alondra perfected her skills and techniques she quickly gained the confidence to continue her course work and grow her career. She hopes to one day have her own salon and follow in her mentor Phivi’s footsteps to success in PMU.

Location: Stamford, CT

Contact: 914 648 9096