Phivi Tran, Master

Phivi Tran opened her nail salon after relocating to America more than 10 years ago. 

With a zeal for artistry and service, she joined the tattoo industry when she became a Certified Microblading Master and a Phibrows Master. 

Phivi then broadened her skill-set and marketability by perfecting other Semi-Permanent Makeup skills such as Ombre/Powder Brows and Lip/Eyeliner Tattooing. She has been a Semi Permanent Makeup artist for over 6 years and a Microblading Master for over 3 years, providing an array of services for her customers.

Phivi is honored to be a Master Instructor at Micropigmentation Academy, helping her students improve their lives and achieve financial prosperity. She will use her experience, patience, and talent to teach you the skills needed to become a professional in the lucrative field of Semi Permanent Makeup.

Anthonye Angelillo is the owner, operator and chief developer of SMP Micro.
In addition to being a tattoo artist for 10 years, while owning and operating a successful hair salon, Anthonye has studied
Homeopathic Medicine and Dermatology for 20 plus years, Cosmetology for 30 plus years, as well as Permanent Makeup Microblading, Scalp & Areola Micropigmentation, Skin Tag Removal
and Microdermabrasion. As a life-long artist, with extensive experience in all types of mediums including Realism, Surrealism and Abstract,
Anthonye is always bringing his broad spectrum of knowledge to new horizons.

Anthonye Angelillo, master

Sang Viens has been passionate about art since childhood and furthered her craft with schooling. Making money through art became a reality when a friend introduced her to the world of Microblading. 

After studying at Micropigmentation Academy and becoming certified, Sang took an apprenticeship under Phivi Tran to learn more from the master. She eventually left her full-time job to completely devote herself to the industry. 

To broaden her skill-set, she enrolled in extra courses such as Advanced Microblading Strokes, Fusion Brows, and Eyelash Extensions. With persistence and patience, Sang continues to expand her knowledge and deepen her dedication to the profession.

sang viens, artist

sang viens, artist