Scalp Micropigmentation Services


Scalp Micropigmentation Services


Micropigmentation is a popular treatment for both men and women these days.

Nowadays there are a vast amount of services available.

We offer, microblading, scalp micropigmentation, eyelash enhancement, lip contour, areola micropigmentation, scar camouflage, eyebrow tinting, nails and tattoo removal.

Our goal is always to go for a more natural finish so that nobody will notice you’ve received any type of treatment.

What’s Scalp Micropigmentation?

Also called Semi Permanent Makeup. (SMP) Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is the skill and process where depositing small specific implants of pigments are applied right below the upper layer of your skin into the dermal layer to correct, reconstruct or camouflage scars, to reproduce the natural appearance of real hair follicles.

This treatment is conducted in a clinical environment with medical quality equipment and local anesthetic making this a safe and pain free treatment.

Normal activity can be resumed right after the procedure along with following our simple aftercare program.


Deposit Term: Micropigmentation is a time-intensive service. In booking your appointment, I’m reserving a
designated amount of time specifically for you. So I require a deposit in order to reserve this time for your appointment.


*48 HOURS NOTICE FOR A CANCELLATION IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO KEEP YOUR DEPOSIT FOR RESCHEDULING YOUR APPOINTMENT. If you give sample time this will ensure that we will be able to fill your cancelled appointment with someone who may really want or need it.
Not canceling within the required time will result in the loss of deposit for the missed or cancelled appointment.

*PLEASE NOTE!!!! The deposit for the following services are NON-REFUNDABLE: Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Ombre shading brows, Scalp Eyeliner, Lip conture
This is non-refundable because we block out up to 2-3 hours for services.

***If you need to cancel for any reason please contact me by phone or by text:
# 860-8696248****

*If you are a “No Show” deposit will not be refunded and you’re next appointment scheduled will need to be paid in full in advance. Thank you for understanding



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