Black Pearl Machine Needle


Lines: 1RL 0.18mm(super thin line, nano needle), 1RL 0.3mm

Eyebrows shading: 1RL 0.3mm,  3RL 0.25mm

Machine Hair Strokes: 9U 0.18mm

Eyeliners: 1RL 0.3mm, 3RL, 1RL 0.18mm

Lips: 1RL 0.25mm, 1RL 0.3mm for Contour, 3RL 0.25mm, 5RS 0.25mm for Shading

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1RS 0.18mm, 1RL 0.3mm, 3RL 0.25mm, 9U 0.18mm, 1RL 0.25mm


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