Black Pearl Cosmetic Micropigmentation Tattoo Machine


Black Pearl Cosmetic Micropigmentation Tattoo Machine




This set includes:

2 Comfortable and Lightweight hand pieces “Pens” 2.36 oz (67g) for easy maneuverability
1 x Power supply
2 x Connecting Cords
1 x Practice skin
5 x 1RL 0.3mm
5 x 3RL 0.3mm

Powerful specifically designed to meet the demands of all types of micropigmentation
Precise stroke length of 1.7mm for accurate PMU techniques
Adjustable autoclavable grip to regulate needle depth, plus disposable grip option
Needle depth adjustment from 0 – 4mm
Includes mini DC connector cable for optimal connectivity performance
Ideal for hairstrokes, lip-eyeliner, whip ombre shading, scalp micropigmentation, scar or stretch mark tattoo cover up, areola Tattoo, micro needing and the creation of beauty!

Needles Recommendation:

Eyebrows lines: 1 RL 0.18mm(super thin line, nano needle), 1RL 0.3mm, 3F
Eyebrows shading: 1RL 0.5mm, 3RS, 5RS
Eyeliners: 1RL 0.3mm, 3RL
Lips: 1Rl 0.3mm for Contour, 5RS, 5F, 5SF for Shading
Skincare: #12 micro needle

Due to high demands, Black Pearl orders carry a grace period of 1-2 weeks to be shipped.

Please be aware that any expedited shipping that is purchased will only take effect after your order is complete and ready to ship.


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