Microblading es un arte de maquillaje semipermanente que está lleno de oportunidades profesionales. Obtenga las técnicas y herramientas expertas que necesita para tener éxito en trabajos bien remunerados en la industria. Todos los cursos de microblading que se ofrecen en Micropigmentation Academy son impartidos por educadores experimentados.

Oportunidades profesionales en Microblading / Tatuaje de cejas

Empiece a obtener sus nuevos ingresos de inmediato. La tarifa promedio para las cejas microbladed hoy es de entre $ 500 y $ 900. El servicio de tratamiento, que tarda aproximadamente 2 horas en completarse, significa que un técnico de Microblading puede ganar hasta $ 400 por hora. Con solo 1 cliente por día, puede ganar hasta $ 14,000 por mes.

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El kit de formación que recibirá incluye los mejores productos y suministros que necesitará durante su curso de formación de Microblading. También incluye suficiente equipo para cubrir al menos más de 30 tratamientos, por lo que puede comenzar a trabajar tan pronto como deje nuestro curso de Microblading.

   1 box #14U blade
   1 box #15 angle blade
   1 box #18 U blade


Frequently Asked Questions

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that’s used to fill out brows and create the best brow shape for every face. The treatment is applied using a handheld tool with 10-12 needles at the end. Those needles delicately scratch the surface of the skin with featherweight strokes, implanting a medical grade pigment in the epidermis layer of the skin. That creates the look of fine, natural, and realistic hairs that fill out the brow and create bespoke brow shapes to meet the demands of every client.

A common misconception is that microblading is just another term for an eyebrow tattoo. It’s not. An eyebrow tattoo is performed using an electric tool that permeates deeper into the skin to create permanent brows. Microblading implants pigment onto the surface layer of the skin so the color will fade, typically over 12-18 months. This is a big plus for clients who are anxious about getting a permanent brow, and for microblading practitioners who can treat their clients time and time again. There’s also no need for a heavy and expensive tattooing machine or the lengthy training that’s required to become an eyebrow tattooist.

As one of the leading microblading schools in the United States, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality training at the best possible price. Maintaining a low student to teacher ratio is a key part of that commitment, as is giving all of our students access to the best tools, products, and post-training support from their tutors.

Microblading training with Micropigmentation Academy can cost anywhere from $2,500.00 – $4,000.00 for our basic and advanced training courses.

Microblading is an in-demand treatment which can provide an excellent living for those who complete our training course. Rates for microblading sessions average around $400 – $900 for a treatment that lasts up to 2 hours. That means even if you only see one client a day, you could expect to earn up to $5,000 per week.

1.Before taking a Microblading Semi Permanent Make Up course, Students should call their local/State Board Health Department to check on the local law/requirements of Microblading in your town and state.
2. Blood Borne Pathogens Exam is required and passed before taking this class. This is for employees whose occupations expose them to blood and or other potentially infectious materials. In order to practice on live models you must take this exam and show your certificate. 
Yes. If you take a microblading course you will work on live models along with the instructor.
Yes. Micropigmentation Academy has a Spanish master  who can teach students in both Spanish & Portuguese.

Hundreds of Satisfied Students

Ana Crespo
Ana Crespo
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I just recently took the Microblading training course with @MicropigmentationAcademy and I was so impressed with their professionalism. The entire team has an abundance of knowledge that they are willing to share with you. They are all very helpful and patient. Phivi made it very clear that even though the course has ended she is still available and here as a support system, this is the main reason I chose to invest my money into there company. After reading so many other reviews online just that alone sets Phivi and her team a part from other academies. Such a great group of master professionals I can’t wait to continue to learn from her.
Sophia Victoria
Sophia Victoria
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Excellent instructors and clearly passionate about their work. I really love how we are not left to fend for ourselves after we take the course. Highly recommend .
Maggie Kis Lis
Maggie Kis Lis
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HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! I put 100% trust in their knowledge and work. Phivi is a wonderful Master and her techniques is like no other! Very helpful and thorough. I’m so satisfied and happy that I chose Micropigmentation Academy! Don’t miss out on an awesome Master and team!
Suzanne Snow
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I took the Microbladding class with Phivi and Anthony and I am so so thankful for everything she has taught me. She is a excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable in her profession, very patient with people, and her teaching skills to break down everything by detail is amazing. Not only did they review Microbladding but Anthony was very helpful reviewing all medical and business backgrounds, what a great dynamic duo these two are! They made the class fun and happy place to be. I am very very satisfied with this course and would highly recommend Phivi for any of her services or classes. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!
Samantha Matos
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Took her microblading classes learned a lot. She’s very talented and makes sure you understand each step of the process, her work speaks for its self.
Kelsey Leveille
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I took the four day microblading and fusion course with Phivi. Phivi along with her fiancé Anthony offered the best learning experience for me!! They were both extremely professional and made me feel at ease and confident throughout the course! If you are interested in taking the course OR in getting microshading or microblading done for yourself, I HIGHLY recommend micropigmentation academy! It will be the BEST investment that you can make and Phivi is the BEST person in the industry! It was such an honor to learn alongside Phivi!
Erin Infantino
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PhiVi was very thorough and honest. Her sanitation was impeccable. I’ve been microblading for over 3 years and found her fusion course very informative and helpful. You get a great kit with great products as well. The office is very warm, clean and professional. I also had the opportunity to meet Vi’s wonderful husband Master Anthony. Both Master Vi and Master Anthony are beautiful people with amazing life
Lillian Clarkson
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Phivi and her team of instructors did an amazing job teaching the theory and hands on approach for the fundamental permanent make-up course. The thoroughness and attention to detail is what sets this training apart from others. I highly recommend this course and training facility, it will exceed your expectations! I can't wait to see the healed result!
Flora Holmes
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My experience at Micropigmentation Academy was amazing! I completed permanent makeup and lash extension courses. Truly a great and professional school. Phivi is an amazing instructor!!!! I can't wait to see the healed result!
Dianne Gunther
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I had a wonderful learning experience from Phivi! She is a very kind lady that is knowledgeable and professional. She is also patient, and took her time to teach me proper techniques. Phivi made me very comfortable and confident by the time I completed training with her. I am very grateful to have met such a pleasant instructor who is so passionate in what she does. I highly recommend with this place!! I can't wait to see the healed result!


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